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Mat Classes
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Advanced Group Equipment Classes

NEW CLASSES:  If you do not see a class level on a specific day or time for you please let us know.  We are continually working to start new classes or adjust the schedule to accommodate the current needs and interests of our clients. We can start a new group equipment class with 4 people.

To schedule a tuneup, please
call the studio at 817.207.9800
Top Mechanics at The Body Garage MAT CLASSES

Monday MIXED LEVEL noon
Monday MIXED LEVEL 6:30pm
Tuesday MIXED LEVEL noon
Tuesday MIXED LEVEL 5:30pm
Wednesday BASIC LEVEL 11am
Wednesday MIXED LEVEL noon
Wednesday MIXED LEVEL 6:30pm
Thursday MIXED LEVEL noon
(changed from 11am on Feb. 1)
Friday MIXED LEVEL noon
Saturday ADVANCED LEVEL* 9am
*Pre-requisite for attending ADVANCED level mat classes:  You should be able to easily hold both full planks and side planks, and able to keep weight on your hands/wrists in quadruped positions (hands & knees) for extended periods of time.  You should also already be familiar with a wide spectrum of the Pilates mat exercises, vocabulary and principles. See additional descriptions of mat class levels in the listing below.

Level Descriptions
Depending on the class content for the day and who happens to be at the class, your instructor may offer a variety of options during the class to accommodate various levels of experience/knowledge, over all fitness level, and other body issues (ranging from injuries to various medical/structural conditions). While the instructor may review various fundamental concepts within the context of the class, your instructor will not necessarily stop to break down each exercise in detail. It is your responsibility to listen to your body, make good choices, and to be sure to ask questions if something feels inappropriate or you feel that you need another option other than any options which have been given. Please do not hesitate to speak up to ask for a variation or modification.
At any class designated as solely "BASIC" level, your instructor will make efforts to introduce and/or re-visit fundamental concepts which apply to all Pilates exercises in addition to leading an overall workout. If you are new to Pilates and you are able to attend the "Basic" class, we recommend this as the ideal way to learn the underlying principles/intent which will help you to make greater progress over time. The greater your conceptual understanding of the principles/intent behind the exercises is, the more you will be able to be your own teacher during any of the classes that you attend... making your own best choices about how to challenge yourself and working to keep your best form/alignment.
Consider this class to be a "mixed level" class within the range of Basic to Intermediate level exercises/variations/modifications. If you attend a Basic/Intermediate class and you are an advanced student, you should not expect the teacher to give extra advanced options on top of the options already given.
You should be able to easily hold both full planks and side planks, and able to keep weight on your hands/wrists in quadruped positions (hands & knees) for extended periods of time to attend Advanced level classes. You should also already be familiar with a wide spectrum of the Pilates mat exercises, vocabulary and principles.

During an “Advanced” class, the instructor will not be taking the time to give variations/modifications for students who should attend a lower level class.   NOTE:  Even if you are in great physical shape, you should NOT attend an Advanced class if you are a beginner to Pilates, because you need to understand the principles of the exercise first. Whether you are an Olympic level athlete or you haven't exercised in years, you need to be familiar with Pilates exercises/intent/form to be able to make good progress and also to avoid injury.  No matter how "Advanced" you are, Pilates exercises are designed to be continually challenging, and to be revisited over and over again in a variety of ways. You can get a GREAT workout in a Basic level class - you just have to be willing to truly concentrate and force yourself to work on the many details/possibilities for improving your form/alignment/range of motion/articulation/control/breathing, etc...  We recommend that even the most advanced students periodically take a straight “Basic” level class to be able to take the time to work on the details of the exercises.  We also try to keep coming back to the fundamentals in different ways within the context of more advanced classes... encouraging students to think about how the fundamentals apply to organizing/preparing your body for the more advanced work and, for that matter, how they apply to all the movement you do living in a human body every day...  whether reaching to get something off the top shelf, playing sports, or playing on the floor with your grandchildren.  Your body is going along for the ride in all activities, and being able to carry your core support and efficient movement patterns with you in all that you do can make your life a little easier and more enjoyable.  Like Joe said, "Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness."
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